Monday, April 10, 2017

Brita's Brilliantly Filtering Out Negativity

For my final post,  I am going to end on a positive note from Brita! :)

This week the water filtering company, Brita, has developed a clever and forward-looking campaign to help end cyberbullying.

With the help of Stephen Curry and The Cybersmile Foundation, Brita created the #FilterYourFeed Campaign on Twitter. If you go to, you can get rid of all your negative tweets that you have posted in the past, and replace them with happier ones.

The replacement ones may include Steph with a puppy, eating ice cream, or dunking.

When filtering your feed, it looks for negative keywords like awful, dumb, fat, hate, nerd, pathetic, sucks, ugly and many others. You can check out some of my negative tweets from early high school. 

With some of the tweets not intentionally being mean, you get to check all the ones you want to get rid of, and keep the light hearted ones. 

To make the campaign even better, every time someone filters their feed, Brita donates to The Cybersmile Foundation, an anti-bullying nonprofit. Brita will also donate to the charity for every positive replacement featuring Steph Curry that is shared until May 3rd. Retweets don't count. 

This is an awesome campaign from Brita, so get filtering! More filtering means more puppies and everyone wants that.  


  1. I really liked this post. Mostly because I'm a Steph fan, but I'm also a fan a Brita now, because this was genius. I know Instagram has made an effort to prevent mean posts, but Brita and Twitter just took this to a different level. I think it was a really great way for Brita to utilize social media to promote their brand and their campaign.