Monday, January 30, 2017

50 Shades of Kylie

Ahh, love is in the air and Kylie Jenner wants to be your valentine!

Jenner has become one of the most viewed users on Snapchat, and she is not afraid to use that title to her advantage. Kylie has created a massive cosmetic empire, and utilizes her popularity on Snapchat to advertise her brand. By showing fans sneak peaks of her products weeks before the release date, she amps up the anticipation (and her sales), by leaving viewers wanting more.

On Wednesday, January 25th, Kylie Jenner surprised her fans by revealing her upcoming Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection via Snapchat.

The collection includes:

Two lip kits featuring new shades appropriately named Valentine and Head Over Heels. The box also includes festive sparkly red drips and a sense of nostalgia complete with a To: and From: on the back, just like the good ol' days in elementary school.


A set of mini matte liquid lipsticks, which consists of classic shades like Maliboo, Posie K, and Mary Jo K, and new shades named Apricot, High Maintenance, and Head Over Heels.

Kylie's Diary, her eye shadow and blush palette. It is designed to open like a book and expose nine eye shadow shades, both matte and metallic, and her two (first ever!) blushes.

And finally, the Valentine's Kits! Each fun sized collection comes with two lip products and two exclusive shadows. Kiss Me, Smooch, and Sweet Heart are all very fitting for the occasion. Well done, Kylie.

Since the reveal, her collection has been seen on major beauty sites such as Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, and Allure. To keep her products on trend in between releases, the queen of Snapchat continues to do makeup tutorials and promote all of her Kylie Cosmetics on the app.

The Valentine's Collection officially releases for sale on February 2, 2017 at 3pm, PST at

Click fast! In the past, Kylie's kits have been known to sell out in less than 20 minutes! Good luck!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Very Pin-teresting

Hello and welcome back!

Pinterest: (n) a social networking site where you can find delicious recipes, cute clothes and inspirational quotes and pass them off as your own.

While scrolling through my own over-the-knee-boot and sweater combo filled Pinterest feed, I stumbled upon someone who is doing Pinterest right. UGA's very own Career Center!

 I know, I was shocked too.

Their Pinterest page is honestly one of the most helpful sites I've seen when trying to figure out anything related to getting a real job. It is well organized and has A TON of helpful articles and infographics for adulting and all things professional. They have a whopping 53 boards and 1,794 pins dedicated to everything from networking, business professional attire, personal branding and even office decor inspiration.

Even something that sounds like it has absolutely nothing to do with social media, like the Career Center, can have an impact! Their page gives valuable insight to students, young professionals and anyone else looking to advance their career.

It's nearly impossible to get a Career Center appointment anytime before three months from now, so go check them out! Their Pinterest page might have exactly the answer you are looking for.

UGA Career Center's Pinterest

#Winning #Pinning

Monday, January 16, 2017

Live from the Locker Room?

Hello readers and welcome to my blog! My name is Nina Ilario and I am currently a junior at the University of Georgia pursuing a degree in digital marketing and a minor in statistics. I love the beach, my two westie puppies Roxy and Leo, Georgia Football, hanging out with my friends, the Panthers (Luke Keuchly!!😍), The Office and scrolling through social media. As part of my social media marketing class, I am required to create a blog and post weekly. So here it is! Throughout my journey of first time blogging, I want to show you how social media and digital marketing can help (or hurt) any industry. I'm going to give you examples of digital marketing in all fields of work, anywhere from fitness, to food. Social media is no longer just something middle schoolers use to "like" each other's pictures (aka flirt) on their iPads, but a business game changer. If you do it right, you're going to go big.

It's that time of year again...The NFL Playoffs. 

What better way to start off the Steelers' road to Super Bowl 51 than a Facebook live video from the locker room hosted by Antonio Brown? Nope, wrong. So. Many. Better. Ways.

The video started off innocent enough, showing Brown laughing and celebrating with teammates after the win against the Chiefs. What Brown didn't mean to share was Mike Tomlin, the Steelers head coach's post-game speech. It's all fun and games until someone gets called an a******. In the background, you can hear Tomlin's speech talking about their face-off against the New England Patriot's next week, along with some not so nice name calling.

So what does all this mean exactly?
  • First off, it shows how anyone, no matter who (or how many receiving yards, 1,284!), can make mistakes when it comes to social media.
If you post it, someone is going to find it. That's that, no doubt about it. Think: future employers, teachers, coaches or worse, your grandma.
  • Posting can potentially have negative consequences
 I saw more about the Facebook live video on SportsCenter today than I did about the Steelers actually winning the game! That's for sure not good PR for the team. Brown also might wind up with a huge fine from the network, yikes. 
  • Your reputation is at stake!
Today, if you Google Antonio Brown, information about the Facebook Live video is the third link. Not his stats or charity work, but his social media. You want to be known for all the good you do, not the bad. So, be careful!
  • Anything can go viral (maybe even this blog!!!) 
Puppies, hot target employees, a two toned dress, flipping water bottles, you name it. It has potential. 
  • Lastly, Brown's video just fueled the fire for the Patriots next week. I know the Patriots are bringing their A-game after what they were called in front of the whole internet. 
Til next week!