Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Domino's Day Off

Welcome back!

Domino's recently launched a new line of commercials, old school style. The commercials are designed to resemble the 1986 hit movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." They had one major change, instead of racing his parents home after ditching school all day, Ferris is racing the Domino's delivery guy home after seeing he's on his way on the tracker. He is constantly checking his tracker on his watch to know exactly what time his pizza will arrive.

The ad features familiar scenes such as jumping over hedges, through backyards, and on trampolines all to run back to the same house used in the movies. With this commercial, Domino's not only tried to get a feeling of nostalgia for those who remember when the movie first debuted, but also for the younger crowd who may recognize Ferris from the hit show "Stranger Things." Another fun aspect the audience might notice is the father figure in the commercial, played by no other than Alan Ruck, aka Cameron in the original film. 

Domino's knows that the tracker is always a fun part of ordering from them, so they "tried to capture their excitement in the new ad." I think Domino's very successfully accomplished their goal. They kept it fun and light, but also showing how Domino's is adapting to modern times. In other variations of the commercial, Ferris orders on an Amazon Echo, a smart TV and his waterproof smartwatch. 

Check out the full ad  

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