Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Very Pin-teresting

Hello and welcome back!

Pinterest: (n) a social networking site where you can find delicious recipes, cute clothes and inspirational quotes and pass them off as your own.

While scrolling through my own over-the-knee-boot and sweater combo filled Pinterest feed, I stumbled upon someone who is doing Pinterest right. UGA's very own Career Center!

 I know, I was shocked too.

Their Pinterest page is honestly one of the most helpful sites I've seen when trying to figure out anything related to getting a real job. It is well organized and has A TON of helpful articles and infographics for adulting and all things professional. They have a whopping 53 boards and 1,794 pins dedicated to everything from networking, business professional attire, personal branding and even office decor inspiration.

Even something that sounds like it has absolutely nothing to do with social media, like the Career Center, can have an impact! Their page gives valuable insight to students, young professionals and anyone else looking to advance their career.

It's nearly impossible to get a Career Center appointment anytime before three months from now, so go check them out! Their Pinterest page might have exactly the answer you are looking for.

UGA Career Center's Pinterest

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  1. Wow that's super helpful! I love how modern and multifaceted our career resources at UGA are. The fun boards are a great way to easily advertise all their information. I'll definitely follow them on pinterest.